We’ve been asked many times what the main differences are between our current, revolutionary Sport and all new Surf products are. The list below should explain and tell you all you need to know…

  • Surf sits 35mm above standard VW van roofline vs 15mm of the Sport (still much lower
    than the typical 60-100mm of other budget/ mid-range roofs)
  • Surf features a reinforced composite subframe rather than the far more expensive to
    produce aluminium z-frame found in the Sport
  • Surf utilises lightweight, traditional ‘piano’ style stainless hinges to facilitate rear lift and
    not our trademark heavy duty scissor type
  • Surf system can be fully fitted in 2 days (vs 4-5 days for the Sport)
  • Surf does not incur any seated headroom loss over a standard VW van vs the 48mm in a
    Sport due to its ‘inboard & down’ frame/ hinge design
  • Surf not available with option of a carbon fibre roof shell
  • Surf comes with double (not triple zipped) windows (black-out and clear plastic panes) with a midge mesh ventilation strip above front window
  • Surf has a (less than 30mm) narrower ‘walk through’ width than Sport, slightly shorter
    length also
  • Surf, due to there being no super-Hi rear lift offered by the Sport’s scissor hinges does not
    offer the same sleeping headroom or standing height right at the back (only a potential
    issue if you have to have a rear kitchen layout or can’t sleep with your head facing the front
    of your bus)
  • Surf is supplied with a 3 year warranty vs 5 years on the Sport
  • Surf has the same innovative, concealed twin lock-down system at the front, but due to
    the different hinge arrangement doesn’t need them at the rear
  • Surf – due to the shape of its subframe, it doesn’t require the 4-corner drainage system of the Sport
  • The Surf, fully fitted and including 2-berth bed and VAT is priced at approx 1/3 rd less than
    our original Sport model