The HiLo was the FIRST Crash Test Approved Elevating Roof System on the market for a VW T5 or T6 Transporter. It has been Tested and Certified IN-VEHICLE to Insurance Recognised 76/115/EEC/2005 M1 Rating for your peace of mind.

Please note that “TUV Approval” is an EEC rating and simply indicates a standard of quality which is not habitually met by aftermarket automotive products in the UK, with ISO/TS 16949 extending these quality principles to the automobile industry.

When regularly travelling with your family, kids and friends, there is always concern about making sure that crash-tested seats have been fitted – yet it is the roof that affects the structural integrity of your van, and it is vital that the strength that has been removed during fitting is replaced.

There is always an enormous amount of strength removed close to the upper seatbelt anchorages, when an elevating roof is being fitted – but amazingly, there is a lack of safety regulations for vehicle conversions and a notoriously “grey area” regarding elevating roof safety! So with the safety of our own family and that of our customers as priority, in April 2013 we decided that it made sense to have the upper seatbelt anchorages points re-tested after installing a HiLo 5mm galvanised steel safety frame (manufactured by a British ISO 9001 registered company) into a completely standard T5 Transporter shell.

The reputable motor industry test house STATUS based at Manchester Metropolitan University carried out this test and we are proud to report that the HiLo System – which was tested “in-vehicle”, in a simulated collision – passed with flying colours! A certificate of testing is issued with every roof we sell.

We are aware that the Department Of Transport recently gave a presentation at an NCC Seminar and confirmed that “DVLA are examining more closely a request to change a V5 log book when looking at post registration re-classification (e.g. panel van converted to motorhome) – and the possibility that some items may not be changed without evidence of type approval”. We are also aware of at least two insurance companies who are requesting that proof be provided that the original seatbelt anchorage strength has not been compromised in the elevating roof conversion, before they will insure the customer at all.

We have removed a number of well-known aftermarket elevating roofs on  already converted vans and replaced them with the HiLo system, due to customer concerns over the quality and installation, having seen the quality and strength of ours.

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Patent Pending: GB1705019.6
Patent Registration Numbers: GB1212670.2/ GB2494750
Registered Design Numbers: 002104646-0001; 002648543-0001;


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