Six years after being the first pop top roof manufacturer to obtain M1 pull (crash) test certification, and 16 months after commencing the stringent TUV process, we were very excited to announce that National Type Approval was granted on the Volkswagen/ VW Transporter fitment, HiLo Sport elevating roof system (in SWB & LWB variants) in August 2019 by the German Government's Road Traffic Department (KBA), after exhaustive testing by the inspectorate at TUV SUD.



TUV is considered to be the quality stamp in Germany, and is instantly recognised in the UK and across Europe as being of a standard resulting from the strictest, most rigorous safety & quality checks. HiLo’s issued accreditation was based around a number of factors including UK/ German premises and procedural audits, followed by multi-product assessments/ inspections, and subsequent before & after simulated body/ on road torsion tests.



However - unlike others who may or may not have gone through similar TUV testing stages, with the help of TUV Sud and our German partners, HiLo went one step further by obtaining highest level approval from the KBA for there to be no requirement for an individual test on a van after a HiLo roof conversion has been carried out. This unique roof manufacturer level of quality assurance means we can distribute our elevating poptop roofs, have them installed, for the newly converted VW camper van/ camper conversion to hit the open road with peace of mind there’ll be no delays or legal/ paperwork concerns.


HiLo was the first Crash Test Approved elevating roof system on the market for a VW T5 or T6 Transporter. It was tested and certified In-Vehicle, in a simulated collision way back in April 2013 at Status Manchester to the Insurance Recognised 76/115/EEC/2005 M1 Rating, passing first time!


When travelling with passengers, there is always concern about making sure that crash-tested mid-row seats have been fitted – yet it is the pop top roof structure that affects the structural integrity of your van, and it is vital that the strength that has been removed close to the upper seatbelt anchorages during roof conversion is replaced.


It is worth noting that some insurance companies may also request proof that the original seatbelt anchorage strength has not been compromised before they can quote for cover.


More recently we have had both our VW Transporter and Ford Transit Custom based elevating pop top roof systems (the latest aluminium safety-framed versions) tested at Millbrook Proving Ground in January 2018, which was the starting point for the German TUV testing.