Jaibow Campers

At Jaibow Campers Ltd we are more than proud to work closely with HiLo Roofs.


Not only do they supply us with a sleek streamline nearly invisible pop top roof (yes you heard right, no ugly bath tub tops to ruin the look of your VW)  but they are also stringent with safety and that is our main priority for you our customers.

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Jaibow Camper Conversions

Jaibow House
Dunford rd.
Holmfirth HD9 2DP

Tel: 01484 917689

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Unit 7 Carver Hey Units, Moss Lane, Little Hoole, Preston PR4 4SX 

Tel: 0113 468 8533

Patent Pending: GB1705019.6
Patent Registration Numbers: GB1212670.2/ GB2494750
Design Numbers: 002104646-0001;


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