Highest front & rear lift, heavy duty struts (which don’t obstruct your view), super-strong stainless steel hinges, big windows, with a super-slimline top anyone..? Here are a few roof comparison shots – see if you can tell which one has the HiLo conversion (the other is about to be fitted with one)!

''I can 'scenic' all now!

”I’ve ‘Scenic’ all now!”

Plenty of room  up above...

Check out the highest rear lift on the market – the HiLo allows you to sleep in comfort whichever way round you choose to lay your head…


White’s not alright – do you really want your pride & joy to look like the van on the left AFTER it’s finished?”

VW T5 T6 HiLo Roof comparison shots

Fully closed – Have you managed to guess which is which yet?

That's what we're all about...we didn't call it HiLo for nothing ;-)

That’s what we’re all about… we didn’t name it HiLo for nothing 😉