Ford Transit Custom Pop Top Roof

We believe that no Ford Transit Custom can call itself a true camper or camper van without an elevating roof - also commonly known as a pop top roof, conversion.

Available for both short and long wheelbase (SWB & LWB) panel van, Tourneo, Sport & MS-RT variants, the HiLo Sport is the perfect centrepiece for your camper conversion.

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The Pop top you can’t spot!

Lowest Profile 

Truly indistinguishable Factory look, (VW) sits just 15mm above original van height

Highest Lifting 

Unique, heavy duty stainless scissor hinges = The tallest standing & sleeping height 

Safety First

M1 Tested - only the very highest quality materials & processes used

Integral, lightweight super-strong safety frame 

Enables the longest, widest walking/ standing area of any VW or Transit Custom downstairs conversion 

No unsightly front ‘pod’ or thick rubber seal 

Contour following + subtle, custom extruded wind deflector instead 

Original ‘HiLo Scenic’

The first to bring you a panoramic canvas, and to this day the highest, most usable open space

Ford Transit Custom Pop Top Roof Gallery

Please spare some time to view the outstanding Ford Transit Custom pop top roof conversions undertaken by our network of highly qualified camper conversion companies.