Cracking job these lads have done in 5 days the van still comes in at under the 2mtr mark even with roof rails and no wind noise at high speeds on the m6 going home so all good and I’m glad I went Hilo – Andy Thomas – 5.3.2017


I have recently had a Hilo roof fitted and I can’t recommend Apple County Customs highly enough! After previously contacting a number of Hilo fitters, Leon and Chloe were so knowledgable and approachable that I booked in with them immediately. Fantastic people and a fantastic service! – Clark Price – 20.3.2017

Loving our vans new Hilo roof after lots of research on different types roofs and fitters we’re couldn’t be happier with the finish and fit. Big thanks to Apple County Customs, they put it a huge effort to complete the first part of our build in such a short time frame and to our level of finish that we expected – Neil Pomroy Smith – 22.3.2017


I had mine fitted up in Preston (before you guys started doing them)… one of the best decisions I made on our van, it’s the only roof that looks good with a rear spoiler, and keeps that streamlined look. A Evans – 13.9.2016
 Thanks again. I am really impressed with how well Wayne knows his product and the quick responses I have always received. It was very hot here last night and we slept with the Scenic zip out fully open – the Hilo was a life saver! Brendan S – 25.8.2016


Still loving the Hilo, now in the French Alps. Sam and family – 20.8.2016

Just to let you know that I got back safe and sound; it was a long journey but well worth it. Wayne’s willingness to share his time and knowledge was much appreciated, his attention to detail means that I have a product that not only looks good but is tailored to my needs and easy to use. Thanks once again to everyone at HiLo roofs, it’s a great product enhanced by great service. Debbie A – 1.2.2016

The folks that have hire the van also want to purchase a Hilo for there conversion, so the van continues to be your demo van in Surrey…. Although buy the sound of things you may need a bigger workshop and more people….That’s what happens when you have a great product 🙂 – D. Cudbertson – 24.8.2015
 I finished the roof and we are currently campervaning in South Wales – it’s working brilliantly – despite the howling wind last night!! Ben H – 5.8.2015

Hello Sharon, Wayne etc, The roof is awesome and everyone loves it! Thank you again, cheers Dean B – 2.6.2015

Just back from festival and we were very smug that our Hilo roof conversion gave us masses more space than all the other pop tops around us. Fran B – 26.5.2015

It’s been a few weeks since fitting so a belated thank you for the work on the van. Ive had some great feedback from other VW drivers about the design – most are amazed it’s got a pop top.  And the kids love it !!  They are in pyjamas a couple of hours early if I’m working on the van and do practice sleeps in readiness for our first camping trip. All the best Michael H – 20.5.2015

Thought you might like to see a few shots of your wonderful roof system. Fitted by Konrad Heywood (Transportermyvans). I no there was a few minor hiccups with last minute colour change to roof, but I would like to thank you and your team for all the support in getting it sorted and I think you will agree the end result is fantastic. If you need any more pics or indeed anything else please drop me a line anytime. Darren L – 18.5.2015

All back in one piece. Will definitely send pictures. Many thanks to Wayne for the time he spent with me going over everything. I wasn’t expecting it but every little bit of help was genuinely appreciated (and the bacon sandwich)!!! Stuart A – 18.1.2015

Wayne, You might remember Dan @ Visiontech arranged for us to come and see you on 22/8 last year & for you to show us the Hilo Roof. After ordering a brand new van and having it delivered to Visiontech straight away we collected it yesterday (On our 25th Anniversary of being together!). Glad we made the effort to research the roof properly and think that the mix of your Hilo Roof & Visiontech’s unique Conversions gives an overall bang up to date camper! Roj, Bex, Tay & Lu

I saw this t5 in the flesh today at Steve’s business … Gotta say, a really nice job, very tidy , and a great roof .. Almost invisible , probably the nicest roof on the market – Mark M, 14.1.2015

Been looking at roofs for some time now comparing each one to the other. Came across Hilo roofs and thought that they looked great due to the height and the open front. Today I got the chance to see it in person. Wow the height is awesome, the way the bed folds and mattress is so comfortable. Versatility of the windows front and side choosing wether to have earthier mesh window or canvas and the way you can open up the whole front on Lovely summers day. The quality of the canvas is great. And then you have that low profile roof and I mean it is low you really wouldn’t now it’s a pop top. It’s so strong and the hinges are solid very well made. The finishing all over is superb real quality. Don’t think there’s a roof out there that ticks all the boxes quite like this one does – Dave M, 11.1.2015

Wayne, You might remember Dan @ Visiontech arranged for us to come and see you on 22/8 last year & for you to show us the Hilo Roof. After ordering a brand new van and having it delivered to Visiontech straight away we collected it yesterday (On our 25th Anniversary of being together!). Glad we made the effort to research the roof properly and think that the mix of your Hilo Roof & Visiontech’s unique Conversions gives an overall bang up to date camper! – Roj, Bex, Tay & Lu, 9.1.2015

If Carlsberg made pop tops, they would still wish for a HiLo!

To say that I am a picky customer is an understatement; in addition I am an Automotive Engineer. Between fitting and leaving this feedback I have been over the roof time and time again looking for anything I am not happy with. Not just the finish but the fixings – Everything!
The quality is excellent, the design superb, the HiLo team fantastic. Every query and question answered, all my quirky requests fulfilled. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with the team.
I am so proud of my roof that if your stood by the van, be warned you will be getting the full demo. From the Tardis like headroom, versatility of window configuration ( from snug warm to wind tunnel ) and the scenic option which takes the van to a whole new level literally.

Yes these roofs do cost a little more than some, but every time some says “I thought you had a pop top fitted”, I know I made the right choice. The feeling you’ve got the best is priceless, thank you HiLo – Rebekkah G, 1.1.2015

The whole experience and customer service was excellent!

I love the design of the Hilo Roof because it’s different to any other elevating roof on the market, looks great with the low design. I would recommend it to anyone – Debra H, 3.11.2014

This is the second roof I’ve had from Wayne and his team and I think its great. To say I’m a bit of a fuss ass is probably an understatement but Wayne never gives up on me and always fulfils my needs. My own van roof has been fitted for about 12 months now and is great in all respects, wouldn’t have a T5 if I couldn’t have this roof. Great design, great roof, great company, good times, thanks Wayne. Tommo’s Bodyshop, Cornwall – 24.4.2014

I had my roof fitted by Wayne and I love it. The extra height roof makes it so much easier to climb up and the product is fantastic. I cannot rate this high enough. Steve, Colchester – 18.4.2014

Thank you ever so much for your follow up message.. I’m still in the process of finishing off the roof lining and bed etc but I’m so pleased with the Hilo roof! Thanks ever so much for the work and your team did in that one day! Gareth, West Midlands – 18.3.2014

Hi there, we met at Campermart today. I didn’t read much that wasn’t praising your design. Like I said I saw the roof in reality today and the materials overall make it very impressive. It gave me a feeling of trust in quality. Nice one. If I didn’t have a hightop, this would definitely be the raising roof I would choose. It’s out of sight to everyone when down so that alone contributes to many positive factors. When the roof was up, the canvas material seemed better and thicker, more weather proof. Great product! Eric – 12.1.2014

We have got the van back from converters and love the roof – thanks! Suzanne – 10.12.2013

We are chuffed to bits with our roof. I will be attending the December Essex vdubbers meeting to show it off too – Steve 14.11.2013 

It was lovely to speak to a down-to-earth Brit!  I look forward to seeing the workshop and speaking with Wayne again soon, ever since seeing the advert for Hilo (on eBay) last June (I found an old email…) it was obvious that the design had ‘taken things back to basics’ and re-written the rules of pop ups. Well done you guys for thinking outside the box and being determined to keep going and re-tweaking to get to where you are now; its never easy with engineering supply (I run my own business too, as does my partner) and I gather the trails of crash testing too – I wish you heaps of luck; I live and breathe campers, they are my complete passion! I looked for my present transporter for nearly 18months as it’s a pretty rare model T5 and I needed one pre-owned and charged without VAT; perseverance carried through and I got there in the end ! I am now looking forward to the next steps (the roof needs to be the first in the conversion). Best wishes, Dawn (France) – 26.9.2013


Your Pop Top Roof looks amazing!! About time someone made something to complete the vehicle. My questions is can you do one of these for a T5 SWB (2006)? – I sure hope so! Best wishes and well done. Martin


Hi, these roofs of yours are truly amazing! I need one for my SWB T5… Brian T



Had a look at your elevating roof and they look great. Do you sell to the trade? We build vans here in Ireland and usually buy in the roofs from S*A or Re*mo but I really like the look of your product. Thanks Dave



Hi, I am in the process of purchasing a T6 VW Transporter van. Your low poptop design really appeals to me – particularly as it seems it has been fully and legally tested for insurance purposes? Have you any vans near me in Bristol that I can view?



I visited your establishment in October 2012, as I have been looking for an elevating roof for a T5 Transporter. May I say how impressed I was with the new developments of your high-low roof system. The quality of the materials used were far better than I expected and the stainless steel roof mechanism was a work of art. There is no doubt that anyone looking for a roof bed in their transporter should look no further than the one you now build. The amount of space you provide in these normally cramped roof beds was amazing and certainly suitable for even two large adults. It is simply in a league of its own in this respect. I know from my research, prior to my visit, that the development of this elevating roof has been arduous and difficult, but people should now be delighted with your product and I wish you every success. The van I wanted to fit the roof to has fallen through so I am looking for another. As soon as I find one I will be in touch. Best wishes, Peter



I have seen your T5 roof system on eBay and have been looking for some time for a roof bed that will actually suit my van. I have a T5 LWB Transporter that I have converted myself. I need the maximum amount of family space (dog and kids) and we would like to come and have a look at one in real life asap… Many thanks, James P



Hi, I’ve seen your pop roof on ebay, I like the look of it very much and think it might be just what I’m looking for… Wayne C


Hi We are a new vw t5 conversion company and are looking for a quality elevating roof supplier, with a product with real added value. We like yours and want to use them on our own vans – looking at producing one van every 6 weeks or so… Kind Regards, E & P


I saw your roof on ebay and it looks fantastic – very low and one of the best I have seen. I am in the process of sourcing a LWB T5 and will need a pop top fitted over the next few months. Am looking forward to your new website to view the extra, close up pics as I live in Swansea so it wouldn’t be like I could just pop over to see in the flesh… Thanks Steve M


I am in the process of having my T5 LWB van converted downstairs, the next step being having an elevating roof fitted. I have seen your ad and am impressed… Rory W


Thanks for your time yesterday, to show me what I thought was a truly inspirational idea. While I am (not yet) a true camper, I do appreciate practical ideas which are designed to suit a market need – being 6”3 has always meant that purchasing something like a car is dictated by the ergonomic factors such as legroom and stretching space – and your system would turn a camper van from something which would usually be too impractical for me to purchase into a valid and enjoyable venture. As we both saw, I could stand up with a good inch or two to spare, alleviating any concerns about discomfort and back pain from excessive crouching. It was a pleasure to meet a real hands-on practical engineer, designing products for a real market need. All the best, Richard H


All the pictures you’ve sent me look great, your roofs are the best I’ve seen and I am looking forward to collecting mine… Thanks, Ellery


I am looking to have a roof conversion on my T5 LWB in the early part of next year. Initially I was looking at having a Re*mo roof fitted until I saw the low profile and higher lift achieved by the roof displayed on your eBay listing. I would be very interested in viewing some finished vans, more pics/ website… Cheers, Gordon K


I am really keen to get a super skinny top on my 59 plate t5. I am based in Devon so looking forward to a small adventure out of the shire for a new lid… Cheers, John R


Hi, very interested in your roofs – they look great but wondered do you do supply only? Thanks, Jamie G


I have owned several T4/T5 campers since the mid-90s, I am an engineer and in 2009 I decided to build one myself. I have now built three T5 campers all with elevating roofs, one with a Re*mo and two with cheaper variations on the theme. None of them caused me any real problems and they all seemed fit for purpose. I spotted the HiLo roof online about a year ago and was intrigued, it looked so low and streamlined and so spacious when raised… I decided to try and find out more, I contacted the owner and he was aware of the bad press, he told me that most of it was related to timescale issues due to development of the product and not the product itself or its quality. To put my mind at ease he put me in contact with a guy local to me in the South of the country who had recently had a HiLo roof installed on his LWB T5. I met the guy and spent a couple of hours with him and his van. As an engineer himself, he was very impressed with the product and so was I. The way in which the super low profile had been achieved was innovative and well engineered and when deployed it is the most spacious pop-top I’ve seen, there was over 0.5M of clearance in the roof at the rear and about 1.3M at the front – and it also came complete with an elevating bed. I was amazed at the rigidity of the structure, but after comparing the stainless steel scissor hinges with those used on the VW Californ*an and the physical size of the gas struts all was revealed. This chap also had a bit of an issue with the time the work took, but, at the end of the day the product more than made up for this, he was very happy. At this stage the roof was not available as a kit for self installation so I decided to take a punt… I spent about half a day at the works and was shown everything, including the latest development of the design which was even lower and more streamlined than the original (I was having the original). After a couple of weeks I received a phone call from Hilo, they said that the mould was now complete for the new design and that they would like to install one on my van if I was in agreement. I was a little reluctant because I realized that there were bound to be some teething problems. There were a few as expected, but my van was delivered to me at home a few weeks later.
It is without doubt the best elevating roof on a T5 that I have seen – the lowest and most streamlined profile when closed, without loss of any headroom for rear-seated occupants and it develops absolutely zero wind noise on the road at any speed. It actually looks better than the original van roof… It must be the most spacious in terms of height and walk-through length when deployed, and it will not sag (the fibreglass/foam composite top is stiffened with an aluminum box section ring-beam, (not the timber stiffeners usually found in elevating roofs). When the roof and the bed are both elevated, the minimum headroom is 6’4″ at the back of the van allowing for greater variations in the camper layout and, when lowered, the whole thing is tidied up with a neat sliding panel that hides all of the canvas. The roof is then securely locked down with confidence-inspiring lock studs and not fabric straps. All this for less than a Re*mo or S*A and with a 3 year guarantee! I’d would like to finish by saying that I have no connection with HiLo roofs, I just took a risk and became a very satisfied customer. I believe that the development of this design is now finished and the roof is now available in fast-fit kit form for T5 convertors/ fitters to install. If you want the best out there, this is it! Keith H, Sept 2012

Hi mate, it’s Eddie – thanks for taking the time to show me your latest roof, very impressed! I’m looking for a fully fitted roof, insulated and fully carpeted, and the VW club here are also interested in the roof – don’t forget the photos! All the very best, Eddie M


Do you do a supply only kit for this roof? Can’t afford to be a couple of weeks without the van, but really like the look of it – let me know, cheers Jamie


Hi, I very much like the height that you seem to get at both ends of the poptop both up & down, and the finish looks great… Cheers, James


Hello, I like the look of the roofs you supply and would like to know if there are any you have fitted near to me which I could look at (I live in Oxford)… Thank you, Kevin


Thanks for letting us come and view your roof today, I was very impressed and think you’ve got the best design on the market, We’d like to place an order and give you a deposit please… Thanks again. Regards, Graham


Thanks for the detailed response to my e-mail. The roof looks great and is just what I’m after. The reason I require a low roof profile is to get under car park height restriction barriers. I mountain bike twice a week using the T5 from one such car park and some barriers are now down to 1.98 metres around here! Many thanks, Chris


I have just looked at the photos of your elevating roof and it looks spot on, We are looking forward to coming across next Saturday, and I will leave my van with you on the day if that is still ok with you – I’ve already sorted out the train tickets to get me and the wife back home… Kind Regards, Stewart


The new roof looks absolutely stunning and I am really interested. The only down side is you are approx 170 miles/ 3-4 hours drive away… I don’t suppose you have anyone down this way where I can see one? Please get back to me to let me know. Regards, David


This looks like it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for… I’m keen to get an order in… Many thanks, Andrew S


Thanks for the message, glad to hear you’re on a roll… you can certainly pencil me in for mid-month. Good luck, Tim S


I really like the look of your roof but would like to know if you would sell one for a DIY fitment? I live 12,000+ miles away(!) but do have someone who can arrange no problem. Thanks for any help you can give me… Rob


Hi I really like the look of your pop top, but before buying one I would like to see one in the flesh. I live in Poole in Dorset, do you have any customers near by that I could possibly get in contact with to have a look at one or do you do any shows? Many thanks


Hi there, really interested in your poptop – looks real good but as I’ve just spent £19,000 on a new van I want to find the perfect roof (and yours so far looks the one)… cheers, Jason S


Hi, Love the look of the skinny pop top roof, just wondered if you have a fitter or converted van closer to Plymouth for me to view. Cheers


Hi there, absolutely love your roofs but as I’ve converted my own van like many others would like to know do you do supply only..? Many thanks, Chris


I have a 2005 Aut*sleeper conversion and want to replace the hard sided top with a roof similar to yours – was thinking of a Re*mo but this looks smarter. Is it possible for you to replace my current top with a HiLo? Thanks, Dave


Hi, I’ve seen your roof advertised and like the low profile, stylish design…


Subject: Nice roof! Hi there, I’ve just been looking at the photos of your roof on ebay and I am very impressed! I run a small conversion company in the South West and would be interested in putting one of your roofs on our next conversion. If all goes well, we’d like to offer them as an alternative to Re*mo for our customer conversions. If you could let me know when it would be convenient to come and have a look in person, I’ll ensure I find a free day. Best regards, CJ


Hi Guys, impressed by product shown on ebay – especially as it allows for loaded roof rack etc… Kind Regards, Ben


Thanks for allowing me to come up and view the elevating pop top conversion on a recent van. I was really impressed with what you’ve done – you’ve addressed a lot of issues and hope you continue to do well with this roof. Will be in touch, Steve B