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We are a family of technically minded enthusiasts based in the North of England who have been involved in the trade sale, repair and conversion/ modification of VW’s, Porsche’s, commercial vehicles and campers for over 40 years.

The HiLo Roof System was borne out of dissatisfaction with the handful of roofs on the market, in terms of the 4 or 5 main considerations when buying one – e.g:


The basic look & construction had already been around for decades, pretty much unchanged.


We knew that even those customers of average height couldn’t stand up straight towards the rear of their camper and were limited to only being able to sleep one way round


Customers using their Transporter for multi-purposes (daily driver/ work, as well as weekends away) felt the traditional “pod” style roofs compromised the clean, uncluttered lines of their van and were concerned about their increase in height/ frontal area resulting in a reduction in fuel economy.


Worried not only about the tie-down straps that we’d had first-hand experience of fraying/ slipping (on occasion resulting in lift at speed), but also having seen the standard of some of the budget “copy” roofs in various installations, we knew there had to be a better way…

Patent Pending: GB1705019.6
Patent Registration Numbers: GB1212670.2/ GB2494750
Registered Design Numbers: 002104646-0001; 002648543-0001;


The HiLo Roof Company Ltd, Unit 7 Carver Hey Units, Moss Lane, Little Hoole, Preston PR4 4SX 

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